Get the Best Same Day Cakes Delivery in Malaysia with Secret Recipe

Getting cake delivery online in Malaysia or searching for ‘cake delivery near me’ is now easier with GrabFood or for pick up at SR GO! and Secret Recipe’s mobile app which is available in Google Play (Android phones), App Store (Apple phones) and AppGallery (Huawei phones). Check out our cakes in several broad categories for your viewing pleasure and have them delivered to you by today.

The Best Cheesecake: Let’s Get This via Cake Delivery in Malaysia     

Secret Recipe is the pioneer of delicious cheesecakes in the country, serving the nation with fan-favorite cheesecakes for decades. Searching for an online cake delivery ‘near me’ does certainly yield delicious results.

From the classic New York cheesecake and Burnt cheesecake to Hokkaido Triple Cheese Chocolate cake, we have created many flavours that are inspired by several countries, giving you the authentic experience to indulge in each of these flavours.

We use only premium cheese like parmesan, mascarpone and cream, infused with unique ingredients with respect to the flavour profile. Whichever flavour you have chosen, the fragrance of the cheese will tempt you and the smoothness of the cream texture will have you craving for more.

(check whether imported for the cheese)


Our Popular Cream Cakes in Malaysia: Best Picks for Your Sweet Tooth

When we talk about cream cakes for delivery in Malaysia, Secret Recipe cakes are filled, layered and topped with the most delicious and smoothest creams possible to give maximum satisfaction in every bite. Order a Secret Recipe cream cake and get it delivered to you today.

Chocolate cream-filled cakes like Chocolate Banana cake, Chocolate Chip Walnut cake, Chocolate Fudge cake and Chocolate Indulgence cake will satisfy even for the most demanding chocolate lovers. For those who crave for a more unique cream in their cakes, Moist Chocolate cake offers a smooth coffee filling and for white chocolate-filled cakes, White Choc Macadamia cake fits the bill. 


Premium Cakes Delivery in Malaysia for Birthdays & Other Occasions

Premium cakes for delivery represent the cream of the crop from Secret Recipe (pun not intended). Throughout extensive experience and feedback from our esteemed clients and patrons infused with unhinged creativity from our cake makers, we have concocted a list of exclusive, premium cakes that are truly special for any occasion.

Unique flavours like Absolute Durian cake and Signature Black Forest represent a decadent dessert with a modern twist of fruits and its accompanying ingredients. For chocolate lovers, premium flavours like Chocolate Odyssey cake and Chocolate Brulee cake elevate typical chocolate cake to another level with quality chocolates such as Belgian chocolate praline cream and Swiss dark chocolate. Tiramisu lovers can rejoice with our Decadent Tiramisu cake, an advanced adaptation of the classic tiramisu dessert with a coffee sponge, layered with mascarpone cheese and espresso cream, topped with premium cocoa powder.


Order Our Famous Cakes Online In Malaysia with Just A Few Taps And Clicks

With over 35 types of cakes including cream cakes, cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, premium cakes, square cakes and brownies to choose from, explore and order our cakes online for delivery with GrabFood or self pick up with SR GO! Get Secret Recipe’s mobile app now in: 


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