Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Green Initiatives

The CSR Program focuses on the concept that a business has a social commitment both above and beyond making a profit. In Secret Recipe, we believe that CSR is a continued commitment to ethical behaviour, contributing to the country’s economic development as well as improving the quality of life for our society. It helps to accomplish commercial success in ways that honour high ethical values and respect towards communities and the environment. The CSR also creates esthetical value among our workers and encourages others to be more proactive in contributing to society and have high morality values.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Petaling Jaya Landscape Master Plan (PiLAN PJ)

Petaling Jaya Landscape Master Plan (PiLAN PJ)

On June 6, 2023, Secret Recipe had the privilege of attending the launch of the Petaling Jaya Landscape Master Plan (PiLAN PJ) book at The Spine @ PJKita in Jalan SS7/15, Petaling Jaya. This event marked a significant milestone in Petaling Jaya's journey towards becoming a sustainable and forward-thinking city. The PiLAN PJ book outlines the city's ambitious master plan, which is in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Petaling Jaya Smart, Sustainable, and Resilient 2030 Plan (PJSSR2030).

At Secret Recipe, we are proud to have been part of this momentous occasion, as it aligns with our own commitment to environmental and social responsibility. As the Senior Manager of Quality Assurance and ESH Manager, Stalin James Janum emphasized the importance of Secret Recipe's participation in the event. He stated that our involvement reflects Secret Recipe's alignment and planning for our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) roadmap.

The PiLAN PJ book encompasses various aspects of city development, with a focus on creating a smart, inclusive, and child-friendly city. It emphasizes the significance of sustainability by promoting low-carbon practices, entrepreneurship initiatives, and digitalization. The master plan aims to uplift the urban poor, foster economic growth, encourage a circular economy, and promote community 5.0 principles. Additionally, it seeks to enhance the city's safety and resilience through the implementation of e-administration systems.

As Secret Recipe, we are excited to witness the positive impact of the Petaling Jaya Landscape Master Plan as it unfolds and contributes to the overall well-being and development of the city and its residents. We are fully committed to supporting Petaling Jaya City Council's vision and look forward to actively participating in the realization of a vibrant and sustainable urban environment.

For more information about Secret Recipe's commitment to ESG practices and our involvement in events such as the PiLAN PJ book launch, please visit our online platforms.

Green Initiatives

Waste Segregations

Waste Segregations

The Company produces a few tonnes of waste on a daily basis, with half of it being recycled waste which is segregated by our dedicated staff everyday before being sent to external contractors for further process. Secret Recipe also has implemented colour coded recycling bins in which red bins are for metals, yellow for plastics and blue for paper. The company encourages the staff to dispose of their trash properly through yearly briefing. All other waste from the production is also properly managed before being transported to landfills for proper disposal.

Scheduled Waste Collection in Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe is involved in mass-producing various types of cakes and meals. As a food manufacturing company, scheduled waste wasn’t significant compared to Electronic, Steel or Chemical Manufacturing. Despite that, Secret Recipe has its’ own scheduled waste storage facility and segregation managed by a representative, who also notifies the Department of Environment regarding collection by the scheduled waste contractor and transporter. 2 types of scheduled waste can be found at Secret Recipe Manufacturing being Electronic Waste (SW110) and Spent Fluorescent Lights (SW109). All departments use electronics and machinery, and once broken, parts are disposed of and collected by technicians to be sent to storage for collection by the contractor. Electronic waste such as weighing scales, infra-red thermometers and other electronics used by other departments are sent directly to storage by the department supervisor. Secret Recipe’s current goal is to eliminate all fluorescent light usage and to replace them with led lights, in order to conserve energy usage for a better eco-friendly environment.

Solid Waste Management
All waste collected at our factories in both Kota Damansara and Taman Mayang are properly segregated by an effective waste management company, which is dedicated towards achieving Zero Waste. All recyclables are properly managed at their waste facility, plastics shredded then upcycled to make new products.
Scheduled waste is collected and treated properly by a licenced company which strives towards environmental industrial standards and also commits towards DOE, thus highlighting our responsibility in end to end projects.