Secret Recipe’s Halal Journey

In 2004, Secret Recipe obtained the Halal certification by JAKIM. For more than a decade as a holder of Malaysian Halal Certification, Secret Recipe remain committed in taking and maintaining steps to strengthen the company’s internal Halal system. Every aspect of the company ranging from raw ingredients, kitchens, factories to network of premises are all certified Halal.

Raw Ingredients

Raw ingredients are an important element of Malaysian Halal Certification. It starts from the selection of trusted suppliers to the processes which are all ensured to be Halal certified. This includes imported raw ingredients from suppliers & manufacturers abroad that are Halal certified by foreign Halal Certification Bodies recognised by JAKIM.

Internal Halal Control in Secret Recipe

Halal assurance is taken strictly in ensuring the confidence of our consumers on an ongoing basis. Therefore, internal Halal control was established to include Halal awareness training for all employees and internal Halal audits are carried out at factories, premises and raw ingredients suppliers. In addition, Secret Recipe also appoints a competent Halal team to manage any Halal related matters as Halal is the utmost priority. Close cooperation with Quality Assurance and production team are essential to ensure optimal food hygiene and safety.

Halal training and annual Halal meeting are held every year

Internal Halal audits at factories, premises and suppliers

Competent Halal team for any Halal matters

Cooperation with Quality Assurance and Production

External Halal Certification

The Department of Islamic Development of Malaysia (JAKIM) inspects all factories, restaurants, ingredients, materials and processes before awarding Secret Recipe the Halal Certificate.

Production of food & cakes using Halal certified suppliers/ manufacturers

Secret Recipe applies to JAKIM for Halal Certification

JAKIM inspects every aspect of ingredients, processes and premises

Secret Recipe awarded the Halal Certification in 2004

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