CSR & Green Initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The CSR Program focuses on the concept that a business has a social commitment both above and beyond making a profit. In Secret Recipe, we believe that CSR is a continued commitment to ethical behaviour, contributing to the country’s economic development as well as improving the quality of life for our society. It helps to accomplish commercial success in ways that honour high ethical values and respect towards communities and the environment. The CSR also creates esthetical value among our workers and encourages others to be more proactive in contributing to society and have high morality values.

1. Hari Alam Sekitar Negara 2017

Hari Alam Sekitar Negara was an event organized by the Department of Environment (DOE), Ministry of Environment And Water. Held once per year within every state on the same date and the theme for year 2017 event was “The Environment is Everyone’s Responsibility”). The event was held in Plaza Alam Sentral Shah Alam and inaugurated by Y.B Puan Elizabeth Wong Keat Ping, Chairwoman of Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment Committee. Secret Recipe was delighted to be one of the event’s sponsors alongside Selangorku and Malaysian Resource Corporation Berhad (MRCB)where it sponsored 500 pcs of chocolate muffin to both participants and the public.

Event Launching by Y.B Puan Elizabeth Wong Keat Ping, Secret Recipe Environment Manager and DOE Officer

Award Ceremony

2. Tree Planting Event 2017

Trees are essential to all life on the planet, create the oxygen gas that we all breathe and also help filter it from substances that would damage our health. On 11 November 2017, Department of Environment Selangor invited Secret Recipe to be the guest of honour for this environmental event, which was a collaboration with Samsung Electronics Sdn Bhd and Klang Municipal Council. It took place at Klang Third Bridge and was inaugurated by the President of Klang Municipal Council. A total of 150 participants were involved in this event and up to 740 trees were planted as a result. This is part of Secret Recipe’s CSR programme to improve the environment in which we live in and thus should take ownership for it like we do for our own homes. We may live in houses but the environment is our home.

3. Memorandum of Understanding Signing with Department of Environment

The Memorandum of Understanding is the agreement between Secret Recipe and the DOE, to express a convergence of will to follow the Environmental Quality Act 1974. It’s also an understanding in efforts to improve conservation and a commitment to conserve the environment through cooperation by the implementation of programs and environmental awareness activities.

Secret Recipe QA Director with the Department of Environment Chairman

4. Hari Bumi 2018

Hari Bumi is an event held annually like Hari Alam Sekitar. The difference though, is that Hari Bumi focuses on the young generation, like students and children for example. Hari Bumi 2018 was held at Sekolah Menengah Hillcrest Gombak, where the theme for this event was “Stop Plastic Pollution”. 7 members of Secret Recipe took part in this event and the company also sponsored MYR 7000 for this event along with 3 whole Walnut Brownies. The highlight of this event was encouraging the next generation to recycle their plastic waste and to bring their own reusable plastic containers or bags when buying things, to help reduce the need for plastic bags.

5. Hari Bumi 2019

“Save Our Endangered Species” was the theme for the Hari Bumi 2019 Event, the focus being Bees and Tapir. The event was held at The Nahara, located at Kalumpang, Selangor. The main objective of the program was to raise awareness, among colleges and surrounding communities on environmental protection and issues such as recycling, ozone depletion, local temperature increase, flash floods, landslides and etc, along with social education for sustainable development. Secret Recipe contributed MYR 7484 for this event, which was inaugurated by YB Puan June Leow Hsiad Hui, Chairman of the Standing Committee on the Environment and organized by the Department of Environment.

6. Hari Alam Sekitar 2019

Secret Recipe took part in Hari Alam Sekitar on 19/10/2019. The event was held in Plaza Alam Sentral, Shah Alam, and Secret Recipe sponsored cupcakes for both participants in the Enviro Race event and the public. The aim of the event is to increase awareness to the public on environmental concerns. Secret Recipe took part to help increase public relationship and publicity to show the company has interests in communal events involving the environment and how it also takes ownership and responsible action as well. E waste was also gathered to be donated to the E waste collection company T-Pot in order to register its place along with several other companies who were taking part as well. Other booths and events were also present to help increase awareness on various concerns including wildlife protection and schedule waste management. These were also taken into account by the company, as well as to establish connections with some of said groups in order to further expand possibilities to explore and consider in the future.

7. Zoo Negara 2019

During September 2019, Secret Recipe also took part in a community service program hosted by Zoo Negara. A group of volunteers visited the zoo to take part in various activities to aid in its’ preparation before opening. Tasks the groups were involved in included cleaning the hippo enclosure, trimming shrubbery or landscaping such as planting new plants in certain areas. This was done, to strengthen our partnership with Zoo Negara.

8. Environmental Sustainability Talk at GIS

During 25/2/2020, Secret Recipe was invited to share its current green practices and experience, which are being implemented at the company’s factory, with the children of Garden International School. The aim of this was to create awareness with the young children about the importance of sustainable practices as well as highlight our own green direction which may help inspire them to consider their own choices and actions more carefully as they may have indirect environmental impacts in another part of the world which they may not realise.

9. SOBA Award

During 8/1/2020, Secret Recipe entered for several competition entries for SOBA awards 2019 so that it could gain further recognition. Winning platinum awards for ‘Best in Marketing’ and ‘Best Brand’, as well as silver in ‘Best CSR’ and ‘Best Innovation’, the company also managed to win Gold in ‘Best Green Initiative’. This helped highlight our new green direction to the public and will act as motivation to inspire us and others to take ourselves even higher into the future in a new Green Way.

10. National Environment Day Celebration – Environmental Themed Storytelling Competition

3 October 2020, organised by The Department of Environment Selangor and sponsored by Secret Recipe Sdn Bhd. The purpose of this event is to help raise awareness of the importance of environmental conservation and helping to encourage children to perform eco-friendly activities as well as cultivate pure environmental values. Applying such noble values must begin from a young age because they are an investment for the future.

11. E-Waste Recycling

On 27/10/2020, the Department of Environment (DOE) issued an E-Waste collection program which Secret Recipe took part in. E-Waste was compiled from the factory and from individual staff and then passed over to the DOE for collection.

All usable components are extracted from the collected electronics to be reused. This is a campaign conducted all over Malaysia’s states.

12. Lost Food Project

A project in which we donate our leftover sponge mix to the needy. The team will collect once a week to be distributed to different community centers and orphanages. The distribution of the food is done by the Lost Food Project team. However due to Covid 19, the collection has been postponed temporarily.

Secret Recipe also collaborates with our contractor to donate food to the various orphanages and community centers.


12. Denai Alam Gotong Royong Event by DOE Selangor

Rivers are one of the most important creations of universal life. Humans, animals, plants all need water for survival on earth. On the 27th of March 2021, Secret Recipe sponsored a program organized by the Department of Environment Selangor. The purpose of the program is to cultivate a love for our river. As Selangor often faced frequent water crises last year, such a program can provide awareness and in hope to open the eyes of those who are the irresponsible bodies behind the incident. The following program is also the result of a joint venture by Shah Alam City Council, Pro Lintas, Hartalega, Sime Darby & DARC horse. The program was held from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. It has been inaugurated by the director of the Selangor Environment Department.

Green Initatives

Environmental Benefits:

1.1 Energy

Secret Recipe is committed towards using clean energy at our factory in which we have installed Solar Panels on top of our main factory building. By utilising renewable energy, we are able to significantly reduce energy usage from TNB, as well as make changes equivalent to social contributions like CO2reduction, standard coal savings, and planting trees.

Profile of Secret Recipe Solar Energy System

System Capacity: 71.55 kWp

PV Quantity & Module: 270 pcs of Canadian Solar 265Wp Polycrystaline

Inverter: 2 nos of Huawei SUN2000-36KTL

The data monitoring system is equipped with:-

  1. Data Logger
  2. Web Based monitoring portal

View of Secret Recipe Manufacturing’s Solar Panels.

Social Contribution

From the beginning of April 2019, solar panels were implemented and until now, clean energy levels up to 49,001 kWh was generated.

1.2 Energy Saving

Deck ovens use conduction heat to bake (e.g. brownies and slices, chocolate lava), ensuring the products to be evenly baked.

Previously the capacity was 12 pans per batch of 18kW power (1.8kW per pan);

The new capacity is 20 pans per batch of 21kW power (1.05kW per pan).

Therefore, there is significant energy saving of 41.7% per batch of baking due to improved energy efficiency.

Waste Water Treatment Plant:

With accordance with Environmental Quality Act, 1974, Secret Recipe Manufacturing is also committed to play its part in taking care of the environment. The company has dedicated staff and is well equipped with its own wastewater treatment plant. No untreated water will be discharged from the factory productions, in fact, the company’s water output is so clean that it can be reused for amenities such as daily housekeeping and chemical mixing.

Secret Recipe Manufacturing’s Wastewater Treatment Plant

Secret Recipe Manufacturing is also transparent in its undertaking towards environmental excellence. An Environmental Compliance Board is displayed in front of the main entrance into the factory, which is updated regularly so that all of its staff are aware of the company’s mission to protect the environment and to make sure no pollution is discharged into public drains, providing a sense of ownership and responsibility. Other efforts include using discharging treated water to rare live fish in order to show that the water is perfectly safe.

Environmental Compliance Board


Waste Segregations

The Company produces a few tonnes of waste on a daily basis, with half of it being recycled waste which is segregated by our dedicated staff everyday before being sent to external contractors for further process. Secret Recipe also has implemented colour coded recycling bins in which red bins are for metals, yellow for plastics and blue for paper. The company encourages the staff to dispose of their trash properly through yearly briefing. All other waste from the production is also properly managed before being transported to landfills for proper disposal.

Scheduled Waste Collection in Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe is involved in mass-producing various types of cakes and meals. As a food manufacturing company, scheduled waste wasn’t significant compared to Electronic, Steel or Chemical Manufacturing. Despite that, Secret Recipe has its’ own scheduled waste storage facility and segregation managed by a representative, who also notifies the Department of Environment regarding collection by the scheduled waste contractor and transporter. 2 types of scheduled waste can be found at Secret Recipe Manufacturing being Electronic Waste (SW110) and Spent Fluorescent Lights (SW109). All departments use electronics and machinery, and once broken, parts are disposed of and collected by technicians to be sent to storage for collection by the contractor. Electronic waste such as weighing scales, infra-red thermometers and other electronics used by other departments are sent directly to storage by the department supervisor. Secret Recipe’s current goal is to eliminate all fluorescent light usage and to replace them with led lights, in order to conserve energy usage for a better eco-friendly environment.

Schedule Waste Storage Area

Solid Waste Management

All waste collected at our factories in both Kota Damansara and Taman Mayang are properly segregated by an effective waste management company, which is dedicated towards achieving Zero Waste. All recyclables are properly managed at their waste facility, plastics shredded then upcycled to make new products.

Scheduled waste is collected and treated properly by a licenced company which strives towards environmental industrial standards and also commits towards DOE, thus highlighting our responsibility in end to end projects.

E-Waste Collection

A project in which Secret Recipe collects electronic waste from our staff’s households or the factory to be disposed properly according to DOE regulations. We also collaborate with a company with experience in handling electronic waste as they can also repair and resell some of the electronic waste.

We already send out a memo and poster on the e-waste collection. This is to help encourage and educate our staff to collaborate together.

Compost Room & Plant Cultivation

We have also developed a compost room right next to scheduled waste storage, where our food waste is reduced to an extent through collection and compost with other organic materials like cardboard and dead leaves on site to produce organic compost and fertiliser. Which can be used for landscaping and improving plant growth and health.

Compost Room

For plant cultivation, we are planning to cultivate more so that we can give to other people or we can give to DOE to plant at the river trailing event.

Zero Food Waste Project

A small pilot project in which Secret Recipe supply food waste (egg shells, fruit and vegetable peels from the outlet) to My Kampung Life, Negeri Sembilan, for free collection. Conducted twice a week from our factory and some of our outlets.

The purpose is to help reduce the amount of our food waste to be disposed of at landfills.

Commitments of Management and Staff

Communications and training with staff are conducted in regards to environmental awareness and taking ownership of working areas as well as responsibilities. Environmental Bulletin boards have also been set up to highlight how we are keeping up to date with current environmental situations as well measures implemented by other groups in order to address them. By instilling our staff with environmental awareness and highlighting its importance they can be more liable to take action both within and outside the work area, as well as even help to educate others as well including friends and family.

Green Projects and Initiatives on Site

Mini Garden

The area around the factory is given more greenery to provide a much more welcoming environment to its staff as well as highlight our new green direction. Partnership with a landscaping group and its expertise has enabled the garden to flourish well using organic fertiliser and regular upkeep.

The concept of upcycling is also applied in the garden, where unwanted or unused materials ranging from old food containers, tyres or pallets are upcycled and repurposed to highlight our own resourcefulness. It also helps reduce our disposal costs as we have less solid waste to throw away.

Rainwater Harvesting

A rainwater harvesting dunkee is installed at one of the outside toilets, where rainwater runoff is collected off the rooftops and for future usage. It can be used to increase awareness to both staff and visitors on water conservation as well as reduce costs as well as water usage.

Sensor Lighting

Motion sensor lighting is implemented in certain areas which aren’t frequently visited, which helps to reduce energy consumption. Several of the factory’s cold rooms and freezers also have sensors installed, to ensure that lights are switched off as well when the doors are closed and no one is present.

Sustainable Management

Recycle Bin

A recycle box that was ordered will enable other kinds of waste, especially fabric waste, to be collected by the staff from their households or from their own workplace and then managed responsibly by the right company.

Environmental Grease Solution

Provided by one of our trusted partners, organic enzyme is supplied to our grease traps to reduce the amount of waste grease we produce and thus helping to reduce the need of chemicals to treat as well as environmental impact.

Forest Certified Paper

Our cake box, takeaway box, paper straws, napkins and majority of our paper products used in our outlets and offices are supplied by a forest certified company, which manages its production carefully from sustainably managed forest sources and treating its own waste effectively at the end. This means that they are responsibly made and the process of producing these items will not compromise the forests.

Certification: FSC CoC Certificate by Forest Stewardship Council®



Working with Green building companies, Secret Recipe is able to lower its energy costs in heating and lighting. The reason being is that the right tint will be able to maximise natural daylight while also reducing heat as well. The tinting used in some Secret Recipe outlets is now officially recognized as ‘Green Product’ by the Malaysian authorities.

Currently implemented in Mid Valley, the new tinting has managed to reduce the indoor air temperature significantly by reducing incoming solar radiation and in turn helping to reduce energy costs for cooling in the process.

Biodegradable Alternatives

Garbage bags, straws and takeaway packaging in our factories and outlets are changed to recyclable and biodegradable types.

Green Building Certification

Secret Recipe has also established a relationship with a green building company to be the company’s green building consultant as part of its new step in an environmental path.