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As the leading and largest cafe chain, Secret Recipe is Malaysia’s favourite cake shop and cafe. It has grew rapidly and currently operates more than 440 outlets, across the region, including Malaysia, …

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Founded in 1997, Secret Recipe made its mark, renowned for its extensive range of top quality gourmet cakes. Secret Recipe cake shop & cafe promises a value lifestyle proposition of great variety…

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When the craving for something sweet hits, many think of the classic Secret Recipe cake. Secret Recipe, a cake shop in Malaysia, is known for its quality, taste , and decadent cakes that are perfect for special occasions or simply, just for your own indulgence.

Every cake is made entirely with love and care, baked with the highest quality ingredients to ensure every slice savoured is a slice worth remembering. Read More....

Recognised As The Best Cake Shop In Malaysia With Multiple Awards

As a famous cake shop in Malaysia, our cakes have won many recognitions for its exquisite taste, including the Best Cheesecake Award by Kuala Lumpur Cakes Competition in the year 1998 and 2000.

Among local cake shops, Secret Recipe has garnered additional multiple awards as a brand including the latest being MRCA International Exponential Growth Award 2020, Most Outstanding Malaysian Brand 2019 by Branding Association of Malaysia, and Best Innovation Silver Award by Star Outstanding Business Awards, to name a few.

Delicious Cakes Just For You

We take the utmost pride in our cakes to make sure we deliver as a great cake shop. Our Chocolate Indulgence Cake is a crowd’s favourite depicting a moist and truly chocolatey experience - which is known as our Kek Nasional. Meanwhile, other fan favourite cakes include:

CSR Is Important As A Top Cake Shop In Malaysia

Secret Recipe also thrives on corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives as we believe in integrating social and environmental concerns within our operations. Our contributions include encouraging our team and workers to honour high ethical values and respect towards communities and the environment.

Our CSR initiatives include participating in Hari Alam Sekitar, Hari Bumi, waste food recycles, gotong royong, as well as hosting educational talks on environmental issues, among other activities.

Your Birthday Cake Shop Online Is Here

Birthdays are always a special occasion, it is a moment to celebrate and a chance to reunite with your loved ones.

Our fans often seek for a birthday cake shop online and as an online cake shop, Secret Recipe cakes are always a favourite choice for celebrations. The best part is that our cakes can be bought as a whole cake, whereby you can write a message of your choice on the cake itself.

Earn Rewards With Our New Secret Recipe Mobile App

We are now an online cake shop available via Secret Recipe mobile app where you can earn rewards and get first-hand access to our latest promotions. Additionally, as a cake shop website, we also offer home deliveries on our delivery and pick-up platform, SR GO. We also have an exclusive menu on SR GO to satisfy all your savoury and sweet cravings.

There is no doubt when you search “cake shops around me”, that Secret Recipe will be among your first choices. So, if you are looking for a birthday cake shop, bakery cake shop, celebration cake shop, birthday cake shop online or a cake shop online order, Secret Recipe is your go-to.

So, what are you waiting for? Look no further for a cake and bake shop as Secret Recipe is always the best choice.